About Us

Our Philosophy

Most of the popular methods used to visualize sounds are the result of a machine’s interpretation. As beautiful as a computer may try to visually emulate a sound, the soul is always lost in translation.

At Vibrato, we believe that a memorable sound is more than 1’s & 0’s or bars. Our goal is to capture vibrations as they travel from the very source, and transform them into a visual showpiece. We do this so that you will enjoy seeing sound as much as you enjoy listening to it.

Our Process

We play your sounds beneath specially diluted ink on an 4×4″ optically clear plastic sheet to record their vibrato’s fingerprint. Once captured, the vibrato is manually scanned, enlarged, enhanced and printed on 30×30 high quality Somerset Velvet – 310 gsm, certified archival paper. Each print is individually hand numbered and signed.